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Has anyone had to go through this process and could give me a idea of timeframes etc?

I’m applying for an exemption for my de-facto partner as I’m a Aus passport holder, and not sure if to wait for approval before booking flight or that could be weeks before we get anything back by which time flight prices increase. We can only start the form within 8 weeks before we intend to travel which makes me think it might be a quick process.


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It’s a pretty quick process. It took less than two weeks for it to be turned around for my in-laws. That was a month ago. I hood that helps.


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My name is Paulo and I'm an Australian citizen living in France from many years. I just had a little baby two months ago.
Me and my facto partner, we would like to go to Australia on next month for just three weeks to show our baby to family and friends.

With the coronavirus crisis, we would like to know if it's possible to have an exemption for my partner (because she's an immediate family member of an Australian citizen even if I don't live in Australia).

Does she need a visa and apply for an exemption? And how can we do it?

Of course we can provide all the documents need to prove our relationship.

And do we need to do the same for our baby?

Thanks a lot for your help

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