Advice on paid lounge access in Frankfurt please

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I am travelling, with my wife and kids, Melbourne to Frankfurt on Qatar in Business(R). I have 4 hours and then a flight on Lufthansa from T1 to Lyon in economy. I am platinum with Qantas and Velocity. Is there an arrivals lounge I can access? Can I purchase access to a Lufthansa lounge, ( I am prepared to pay for one business class fare if this helps but $1000 for 4 in economy and $2500 in business on Lufthansa). Is there any other paid lounge. All I really want is a shower reasonable food and a quiet space

Thanks in advance.

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You can check and purchase arrival lounge access at Frankfurt. However, after a long flight from Melbourne, use the transit time in Doha to shower. It's a great mid-trip refresh. Find the larger of the two shower areas at the far end of the lounge, through the dining area and down a nondescript hallway on the right-hand side. There's often a queue at the mid-lounge shower area, but rarely at the far end location.

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