• whats the point there are so few redemption fares available anyway!

  • Qantas to raise fares, cut flights

    May 27, 2022, 02:53 PM

    SEEYA QantasHigher fares, poor customer service, fewer status credits, non-existent international redemptions.I will not be chasing to renew my platinum status over the next 12 months, the value does not add up.

  • Krisflyer here I come!

  • Flying QF in first in 3 weeks. Not looking forward to the Singapore stopover. I cannot fathom why they haven’t fenced off a corner for passengers in the F cabin.Can’t wait for the new lounge

  • Jan 29, 2019, 11:55 AM

    QF J on a380 is rubbish compared to the major players, particularly emirates and qatar. I flew Qatar to Europe at Christmas last year. Dine on demand, great seats which don't sag, decent wine and champagne ( better wine than QF F), great lounge and roughly half the price being asked by Qantas. Th...

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  • travelled from UK to france 3 weeks ago, didnt even know we had to do forms, all fully vaxed, never asked and no issues.perhaps as we transitted uk wasnt required?

  • Paris CDG Transfer to City

    Jul 18, 2022, 04:12 PM

    Try the le cab appQuality taxis. Reliable Used them extensively

  • I am now looking at re-emerging from under my rock after covid and perhaps booking an F flight on QF to europe. I have noticed that the number of status credits accrued appears to have fallen by 30% from 1200 to 840. Is this just another ploy by QF to push me to an alternative airline? I am findi...

  • Hi DavidI have had similar issues with j awards booked via QFF on JAl and CX, both cancelled or changed.Firstly although booked with QF the problem is with qatar or the operating carrier and it is their responsibility to put it right, if they can. For me they couldnt as cx are going bust and JAL ...

  • I am now looking a an amex platinum business which will allow me to put points anywhere including QFF. earn rate is 2.25 per dollar and conversion 2:1 so not as good as the qantas amex business reward but nevertheless much more flexibility. I had 1.8 million qff points and have found it hard to s...

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