Why are QF offering so few status credits?

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I am now looking at re-emerging from under my rock after covid and perhaps booking an F flight on QF to europe. I have noticed that the number of status credits accrued appears to have fallen by 30% from 1200 to 840. Is this just another ploy by QF to push me to an alternative airline? I am finding it harder and harder to justify keeping my platinum status, hand hence spend, with Qantas.


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If that's true about a drastic 30% cut, then it's disappointing. One explanation I can think of: QF thinks that since travel is now really picking up in leaps and bounds, with plenty of travel-starved pax willing to pay $$$$, there is less of a 'need' to reward pax with the normal amount of status credits. And less status credits means it takes even longer to reach your goal; thus giving you a (negative) incentive to book more flights with QF. I know it'll sound cynical to some. But I think I'm just being plainly realistic about management practice at QF.


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F QF to London has never been 600 status credits? Source?

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