Entering France - Declaration form in English question

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Hi team,

I have a bit of an issue. I am trying to get the French COVID declaration form to enter France but unfortunately the english link in the interieur website brings you to a page thats down. Anyone got any ideas? Last resort i have is to print the french one and get my french mate to explain what everything means. We travel the later part of next week from Aus and are fully vaxed. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same challenge.

Thanks LTF.


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Use Google Chrome, right click anywhere blank on the page, and click "Translate to English"


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Hi LTF, I've been travelling back from France so only just saw this post. We entered France through Corsica seven weeks ago. I'd completed the two online forms and what I'm assuming is the declaration you are talking about above headed 'Sworn undertaking to comply with rules for entry into metropolitan French territory (From Orange List Countries). Firstly, the officer at the border into France didn't ask to see the form(s), but maybe that is just in Corsica. However, I have the form as a word document, which I have attached here for you in case it helps. Cheers


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travelled from UK to france 3 weeks ago, didnt even know we had to do forms, all fully vaxed, never asked and no issues.

perhaps as we transitted uk wasnt required?

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