• When there is a vaccine approved by the appropriate authorities for use in Australia, I will happily accept it.  And sooner rather than later I hope.

  • My Melbourne/London/Munich flights cancelled last night. Qantas Platinum service centre today said 6-8 weeks for the requested refund.

  • I wish Qatar would offer this status match to Qantas Platinums. I'd take them up on it and switch next year's international travel to them.

  • Hi Georgia747, I don't know if your situation is the same as mine, but, I requested refunds from Qantas on four return flights 5 weeks ago. After 3 weeks I was notified that one request had been processed and a week later received the money back onto my credit card. After 4 weeks I was notifie...

  • Like others I had earned enough status credits last year to retain my Platinum status until 30 April 2021. So because I spent the money to fly with Qantas and earned the status credits I am not eligible for the complimentary status extension. I have so far had two international and two domestic ...

  • Qantas refunds

    Nov 15, 2020, 03:30 PM

    Hi samspen,I've had a number of refunds from Qantas. I've always had the tax refunded but with 50% of them didn't get the credit card surcharge refunded (it was refunded for the other 50%). Maybe this is where your refund differs from the payment. They have also always split the refund into tw...

  • Hi Loi, I've had four refunds from Qantas. The credit card surcharge was refunded for two, but not for the other two. No idea why they are doing this inconsistently.

  • Average wait time for refund

    Apr 29, 2020, 10:41 AM

    I made four refund requests. One took four weeks for money to be returned, one took five weeks and two are still outstanding more than five weeks later.

  • AF and BA Vouchers - domestic use

    Apr 05, 2020, 02:05 PM

    I have also cancelled a trip in May with return flights on BA from London to Corsica. I phoned the BA call centre in Sydney on Friday as I doubt that I will be able to use a credit voucher on BA within the 12 month period that is required. The call centre operator advised me to wait for a while...

  • Thanks Chris.