• It's disappointing to see that Qantas is still not going to offer any hot gluten free options at breakfast, even in the first class lounge.  This has been the situation in the business lounge since Covid.  Fruit salad and yoghurt are as good as it gets for those of us who have to eat gl...

  • When there is a vaccine approved by the appropriate authorities for use in Australia, I will happily accept it.  And sooner rather than later I hope.

  • My Melbourne/London/Munich flights cancelled last night. Qantas Platinum service centre today said 6-8 weeks for the requested refund.

  • I wish Qatar would offer this status match to Qantas Platinums. I'd take them up on it and switch next year's international travel to them.

  • Hi Georgia747, I don't know if your situation is the same as mine, but, I requested refunds from Qantas on four return flights 5 weeks ago. After 3 weeks I was notified that one request had been processed and a week later received the money back onto my credit card. After 4 weeks I was notifie...

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  • Qantas refunds

    Nov 15, 2020, 03:30 PM

    Hi samspen,I've had a number of refunds from Qantas. I've always had the tax refunded but with 50% of them didn't get the credit card surcharge refunded (it was refunded for the other 50%). Maybe this is where your refund differs from the payment. They have also always split the refund into tw...

  • Hi Loi, I've had four refunds from Qantas. The credit card surcharge was refunded for two, but not for the other two. No idea why they are doing this inconsistently.

  • Average wait time for refund

    Apr 29, 2020, 10:41 AM

    I made four refund requests. One took four weeks for money to be returned, one took five weeks and two are still outstanding more than five weeks later.

  • AF and BA Vouchers - domestic use

    Apr 05, 2020, 02:05 PM

    I have also cancelled a trip in May with return flights on BA from London to Corsica. I phoned the BA call centre in Sydney on Friday as I doubt that I will be able to use a credit voucher on BA within the 12 month period that is required. The call centre operator advised me to wait for a while...

  • Thanks Chris.

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