What do you carry in your carry on bag?

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Out of interest, what type of things do people take with them in their carry on bags?


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Good question!

My regular carry-on bag is a Booq laptop bag from RushFaster, which has plenty of pockets for stowing stuff – honestly, I have always said that a travel bag can never have too many pockets, but sometimes as I fish through pocket after pocket for some item, I think this Booq bag pushes that to the boundaries!

Anyway, standard kit in this is:

  • MacBook Air charger – I have a spare that's always in this bag, as it's the same bag I take to press events etc
  • iPhone USB charge/sync cable (and a small Lightning adaptor I picked up from the HK markets) so I can always charge & sync my iPhoe or iPad Mini
  • iPhone earbuds
  • noise-cancelling headphones, usually my Bose QuietComforts unless I'm testing something else, although if I'm doing carry-on only I swap the rather large Bose cans  for a more compact pair of Sennheisers
  • along with my MacBook there's usually my iPad Mini or Kindle, and sometimes both (I prefer the Kindle for long inflight reads)
  • usually my camera (Samsung NX10) for taking snaps of seats, lounges etc if I'm reviewing en route
  • trusty universal AC adaptor, which I'm meaning to upgrade to one of the newer models with a built-in USB port
  • notepad and pen for random scribblings
  • business cards for random meet-ups
  • in-flight toiletries - I'm in carry-on only mode this is a fuller set, if I have checked luggage then this is a slimmed-down subset, but either way there's always a toothbrush & toothpaste, comb, moisturiser, sleeping tablets, eye drops and a 'depuffer' for under the eyes
  • plastic zip-lock bag with a wad of currency for the country or countries I'm visiting

Yeah, that's quite a bit of stuff!


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Adding to David's list - I always have my carry-on pre-packed with

  • plastic zip-lock bag of medications incl broad spectrum anti-biotics (just in case), sleeping pills, melatonin, etc
  • magazine for while you are waiting to take-off land - helps burn time
  • ear-plugs - for those nights when it's 3.00am and there is some random noise in your room you can't pinpoint and just need to get some shut-eye 
  • travel wipes/sanitizers - for hygiene reasons


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My list is pretty similar to David's, with the addition of enough clothes to get by without my checked luggage (usually just a tie, second shirt and underwear) and a pair of light pjs on flights where I know they won't be provided (I usually change into these after takeoff to keep my ground clothes fresh).

I did a massive cull a few months ago and moved everything I can to my checked luggage (most of my travel is long haul for 7+ days so I almost always have checked luggage). My toiletries set now only consists of a small tube of good quality moisturiser, lip balm and a set of industrial grade earplugs, which actually saves quite a bit of space in a small bag. I've also given up on lugging my proper noise cancelling headphones around, and now either use the provided set or a set of small noise isolating earphones which do almost as good a job.


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I also carry batteries for my headphones, spare batteries and connectors for my technology and a wire backpack lock so I can secure my backpack when in the lounge and need to go to loo etc.


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