APEC BTC; Chile Reciprocity Fee

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Has anyone experience in entering Chile at SCL with an APEC Business Travel Card?

I'm wondering if the reciprocity fee still applies?


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In the past there haven’t been exceptions to the fee, however that might have changed. Id go straight to the APEC line and see what they say. The worst they will do is send you to the little booths to pay.

The fee they charge isn’t actually a visa fee, it’s a reciprocal fee that by law they have to charge as Chileans have to pay it in Australia. Which is a potential argument that they may use when entering.

Good luck, I’d be interested to see how you go as it would save me money in the future.

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Two of us(both ABTC holders) travelled through Santiago last week and went straight to the APEC lane without paying the reciprocity fee. We were processed without any questions or fees.

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