Maximising luggage & benefits on PER-HKG-CEB

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Hello to all, I'm flying PER-HKG-CEB soon and i'm wanting to maximise my luggage and benefits. I'm currently QF FF platinum, but applied for a status match with CX only to get offered silver! Would you bother taking CX up on this offer or not????


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I don't see why you would bother. You don't need special CX status as Qantas and Cathay Pacific are both part of OneWorld.

Your Qantas Platinum equates to OneWorld Emerald which in turn equates to Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Diamond, that being CX's top level (just like QF).

Here's a list of what you get at that level, plenty of benefits and luggage and lounge access.


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Totally agree.If you dont fly with CX why ask for a status match?I'm surprised CX even agreed to Silver.The Marco Polo Club is for CX supporters NOT QF supporters.If you want Diamond with CX fly with them and Ditch QF.


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Paul, what exactly do you mean by "maximise my luggage and benefits"?

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm assuming you're flying CX Economy and wanting to check-in baggage up to the limit offered to a CX Diamond member? Given that you've already failed to status match to the CX Emerald equivalent, the only consolation is that as a OW Emerald, you are now entitled to 1 extra piece (or 20kg depending on CX's policy) of check-in baggage.

What "benefits" other than lounge access, priority check-in and priority boarding that you believe you are entitled to as a CX Diamond that you will not get as a QFF Plat by virtue of your OW Emerald status? The only one I can think off is priority security clearence. Now I understand through experience, while it's not formalised on the OW website, CX do offer OW Sapphire and Emerald members fastrack pass to use at Australian airports. As I recall, there are no fastrack lanes for security in HKG for transiting pax, so again this would not be a problem.

Now if your issue is with regards to the accrual rate of QF points on CX marketing/operated flights (assuming you're flying Economy), then the only solution is to purchse your tickets as a QF codeshare, which may not be available on the PER/HKG/CEB sectors. From a big-picture perspective however, given that you're accruing points on the QF programme, it's rather illogical to be hung-up about the points you would have otherwise earned on the CX programme had you credited the miles of the PER/HKG/CEB sectors to your CX account. Even if accruing at a marginal rate to the QF account, the chances of hitting critical mass is higher than earning at a full rate on the CX account, which I am assuming is being used rarely. Now of course if your circumstances has changed and you will be making considerably more flights on CX, then it might be wise to ditch your QF account altogether and focus on the CX programme.


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Thank you all very much for the feedback,  the main benefits I am looking for is an increased checked baggage limit. For all my research (Apart from Al's information above) I cannot find any information that states that QF platinum FF get extra allowances. And yes "therealbabushka" Economy it is for me, there's always hope of the ever elusive upgrade. 

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