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Hi everyone. I am transiting through Singapore in a few weekends time, arriving from Australia using one airline and departing to Europe with another. I arrive mid-afternoon on the Friday, and depart very early in the morning the next day. As I am using different airlines I cannot check my baggage to the final destination. I know I could use the Crowne Plaza overnight, but am a bit reluctant to pay $250 for a 10 hour stay. When I arrive would it be possible to pass immigration, collect my baggage from my first flight, go back through to departures to use one of the transit hotels, then clear immigration again to re-check my luggage for my second flight, finally going back to departures for my flight? If I cannot do this, does anyone have any good suggestions, as I don't really fancy a trip into the city. Thank you


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I know it's generally not a problem to go from airside to landside and then back in while in transit for a reason (even as simple as going down to the food court), but I don't think you can go airside just for the hotels and come back out again.


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You won't be able to get back into the airport to use the transit hotels unless you have a boarding pass for your next flight, which means you'll have to check in for your second (ex-Singapore) flight beforehand. So your options sound pretty limited - as you say, and I agree, the Crowne Plaza is a bit much for a relativelt short stopover. If you could leave your luggage in a locker at Changi you could always head into the city by taxi and just wander around, grab dinner & a drink, keep on your feet and kep moving, then by the time you get back to the airport you'll be ready to collapse!


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Book the transit hotel - you will have no problem with your luggage in Singapore whatsoever and you be very unlikely to have to leave the transit area of the airport.

If you are travelling a full-service airline to Singapore (Qantas, Singapore, BA, Emirates), they will check-in your luggage all the way to Europe if you show them your ticket for your connecting flight, even though that flight may be with a different airline and on a different ticket.

If you are travelling on a low-cost airline (Jetstar or Scoot), your luggage will =not= be checked in all the way through. However, Singapore airport has very good luggage services. On your arrival to Singapore, contact a transfer desk - they will locate your bags for you and check them in to your next flight for you. You won't have to leave the transit area.

In the absolutely worst case scenario, if you have to (or want to) leave the transit area and handle your luggage yourself, DO NOT do it the evening of your arrival. Instead, spend the night at the transit hotel, leave the transit area at least 3 hours before your next flight and go to the "Lost and Found" counter at the airport - your bag will be taken there when you fail to collect them.

DO NOT LEAVE the transit area on the evening of your arrival - YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED BACK IN until you have a boarding pass issues at a check-in counter (a boarding pass you printed out at home will not be accepted).

See Singapore airport website for more info: (read the answer to question no.2)


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Singapore offers an early check in service which may be useful for you. You can collect your bags, and use the early check in service if you are eligible. Then proceed to the transit hotel after that. Cheers

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