Qantas First Lounge Melbourne - opening hours

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Hi All,

Does anyone have knowledge of the current opening hours for the Qantas First Lounge?

I’m flying out on JL774 in on Thursday and I am wanting to use the lovely lounge (and eat some squid of course). On the qantas website it says the lounge closes at 10pm, but on Google it says 11:30pm. I’m hoping it’s the latter as that would allow me to enjoy the lounge before hopping off to Europe.

Thanks in advance!

Bob Burgess

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I suspect 11.30pm is correct due to this being daylight savings, but you would really be best off telephoning the lounge to ask them directly.


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Typically it’s 11pm , timed to match the boarding for the last QF/JQ flights at 2355hrs ( to AKL & CHC) if they are delayed then you might be lucky and they stay open longer , be careful if you wish to dine , the kitchen closes at 10pm . If you are flying Japan Airlines you can go to the Marhaba lounge next door , if you are flying MH the only other option is the Qantas business lounge passed 11pm


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11pm when I was there 4 days ago.


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I was on that JAL flight recently (but pre daylight savings). The first lounge closed about half an hour before boarding and I went across the corridor to the Marhaba lounge.

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