What business credit card is best for $250,000 month spend for travel?

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Thanks Chris, that last paragraph is an important one for me, so I will dig into that for sure.
Does anyone know is an AMEX credit card is viewed when paying fees? e.g a company I deal with charges 2,5% for AMEX, 1% for CC, so technically its a credit card right???

Sorry Dewy, I'm not sure what you're trying to ask there, but if you meant to ask whether AMEX credit cards and AMEX charge cards are processed in the same way by merchants, the answer is yes: to them, you're simply paying by AMEX.

Unlike Visa and Mastercard which can charge fees at a whole host of different processing rates depending on where the card is from, the type of card and so on, in Australia, businesses normally pay a set fee to process AMEX transactions, which is the same whether it's a credit card or a charge card / a business, personal, corporate or government card / a standard, gold, platinum or 'black' card, and so on. As a fun piece of trivia, businesses that accept AMEX in Australia can also automatically accept JCB cards, which are processed over the same network as AMEX with the same transaction fee as AMEX, which is handy for businesses who get lots of customers from Japan, particularly those in the tourism and leisure industries.


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Go the tender option, I spend upwards of 100k. Ring them up there are better deals just for the asking. You can even get points and a small percentage rebate from Amex. Be prepared to send copies of previous cc statements. Don’t tell it may increase this os a bargaining chip for later use. A Bussiness card is easier for use of points to staff n clients remember that you may get a shit load of points but no status😕 I shop around every financial year.


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OK going for ANZ Black rewards, its my current bank after all and offer is up there, see how the application goes...


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Just to bump this back up -

How did you end up Dewy?

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