• David, perhaps a little soon to ask, but one can hope... Any indications on when a cabin review or further info might be available for these new (well, used) E190 birds for Alliance?

  • The sustainability/recycling side of things aside - as an overall topic, that would make for quite an interesting article to see how they go from 300 plus tonnes of metal and plastic to nothing more than a distant memory .

  • Hey David, I probably should clarify a bit more - the name Corporate Travel is a classic exampel of the insurance industry not always being in the 2020's when it comes to naming conventions. Generally the only thing needed for a CT policy is an ABN and for the most part, policy coverage is far su...

  • Budget by name, budget by nature.Chris can I suggest it may be a better focus for reviews of Corporate Travel policies given the nature of the site?

  • Emirates axes Adelaide

    Jul 07, 2020, 12:43 PM

    Not particularly surprising given the current environment and really only an a formal extension of what is already occuring. We're seeing CX fly in via Sydney simply for freight and a weekly SQ flight now essentially for freight also (although they did fly in 49 people this AM). QR has also been ...

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