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Air NZ Auckland to Houston

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My understanding was Air NZ were flying a 787 direct from Auckland to Houston.

Recent searches show this is now a 777 again.

I cannot find anything online announcing the change.

Does anyone know the reason and whether this was temporary? Was the 787 moved to the Chicago direct service?


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Most likely related to aircraft availability due to the ongoing issues with the 787's being forced in to the hanger for the Rolls engine issues.


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Their prices for Houston and Chicago are sky high


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They only have limited 787s at the moment and they needed the 787 for the Chicago service so they deployed the 777 on the Houston route since then.

Regarding the prices, the flights are pretty much permanently full with business traffic. One flight was fully in Premium cabins but Economy was half empty, so Air NZ appear to be limiting availability in lower yielding fare classes in Business and PE.


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Would definitely be due to the 787's being out of action at the moment due to Rolls Royce engine issues. Quite sad/impacting driving past AirNZ hangar in Auckland, as there's 3 787's just sitting on the ground with no engines

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