• But Brisbane already has trains and an inter terminal bus, both of which are free to use. All that's missing is a walking track

  • My company allows me to keep all of my points and SC when traveling and has always done so. I don't see how doing any differently is fair, it's the smallest reward to give the employee for the sacrifice of being away. No business I know of, if you're on a business trip for 5 days pays you for the...

  • I think all of the above are great ideas, but as DrSK said due to 1. economics 2. Space since it's a single deck twin aisle 3. super tight weight margins to make the distance, a lot of the suggestions will likely not make it. Qantas will really need to think very much outside of the box to delive...

  • RIP superjumbo: Airbus axes the A380

    Feb 14, 2019, 06:13 PM

    Such a shame that another icon of the skies is dead thanks to the world now being run by bean counters who only care about $$s and bonuses.Having flown on most Airbus and Boeing models made (except the old A300 and B707) the 380 is by far the best plane to fly in

  • Review:

    Feb 11, 2019, 10:52 PM

    I flew Brisbane to Auckland last week as well and gave the inflight wifi a good solid use for the entire 3hr flight. Definitely no dropouts and as mentioned the speed was quite impressive. I was able to multitask on my phone uploading short 30secs videos to social media, use chat apps and web bro...

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  • The new site is looking great ET team, loving the new sleek design. Super easy to follow and read, and it works great on mobile. Looking forward to the new features you roll out

  • QFF upcoming changes, any ideas?

    Jun 19, 2019, 04:16 PM

    I see it's all over the news that Qantas is supposedly going to be announcing a major shake up of how the Qantas Frequent Flyer program runs, tomorrow morning.Any ideas or thoughts on what they could be announcing?

  • Domestic Air NZ Koru Lounge Bar Hours

    May 31, 2019, 09:32 PM

    What everyone has already said. I've been to most domestic Air NZ Koru lounges and they are all self serve so you can basically grab a drink anytime

  • Hi AusBT readers,Quick question, has anyone heard any updates on when the Virgin Aus BNE International My Lounge will be opening in May? I am flying VA BNE to AKL next Sunday night and have a couple of free lounge passes, would love to use them then for dinner and some work before the flight, but...

  • It's very exciting news AusBT team, congrats on the expansion and very much looking forward to the new international content, new branding and new site!!

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