• I agree. I can tell you there are two sides to the coin, though. From my line of work, I deal with that other side, unfortunately can't say more. Ultimately, the cost really isn't a big deal and this is all just to calm the masses angry about quarantine lapses right now.

  • There's nothing you can do, and it's not in violation of any law to appear at the border to enter as a citizen without money. Don't worry about it. Most they will try is a fine, which will easily be tossed in court, or to create some civil liability (debt) which again could easily be invalidated....

  • Yeah the food charge in Qld is outrageous. The accom is not so bad.

  • It will not be relaxed. There is no chance you will receive an exemption, unfortunately.

  • Good on you. Citizenship must be taken seriously. The vitriol on comment sites such as here and SMH right now are pathetic. The country is turning wildly insular right now. The reality is that the govt cannot stop you from arriving, nor will they try. There will be financial hardship exemptions. ...

  • Air NZ Auckland to Houston

    Apr 17, 2019, 05:36 PM

    My understanding was Air NZ were flying a 787 direct from Auckland to Houston. Recent searches show this is now a 777 again. I cannot find anything online announcing the change. Does anyone know the reason and whether this was temporary? Was the 787 moved to the Chicago direct service?

  • Qantas deteriorating Service

    Apr 17, 2019, 05:34 PM

    Well said OP. Wife just experienced the exact same situation especially with the SMS rubbish. Spent extended periods trying to get someone on the phone then was sent to SMS who said her seat had been changed to close to the front in aisle. She was 7 months pregnant and cannot sit in the middle se...