• He is an idiot. Qantas can run all the flights they want regardless of Australia’s travel ban, just like all the other international carriers are doing and have done throughout the pandemic. 

  • I'll be the first to try. Here's hoping they become the Southwest Airlines of Australia. SWA are no longer very cheap but their domestic service is superior to Qantas domestic (two checked bags free, no change fees, friendly staff). The only thing that makes Qantas domestic economy good is the qu...

  • Yep it's a complete logical fallacy and yet one that is causing immense pain, family separation and suffering. Unbelievable. 

  • I don't think anyone has noted that once we have a travel bubble which any nation such as NZ, the overseas travel ban will be moot. Australian govt couldn't stop Australians from catching a flight to the US from Auckland for example.

  • Your point only supports the argument that quarantine and cutting ourselves off from the world is wholly unsustainable

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  • Air NZ Auckland to Houston

    Apr 17, 2019, 05:36 PM

    My understanding was Air NZ were flying a 787 direct from Auckland to Houston. Recent searches show this is now a 777 again. I cannot find anything online announcing the change. Does anyone know the reason and whether this was temporary? Was the 787 moved to the Chicago direct service?

  • Qantas deteriorating Service

    Apr 17, 2019, 05:34 PM

    Well said OP. Wife just experienced the exact same situation especially with the SMS rubbish. Spent extended periods trying to get someone on the phone then was sent to SMS who said her seat had been changed to close to the front in aisle. She was 7 months pregnant and cannot sit in the middle se...

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