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Don't know if anyone else has commented on this for I am sure many should be experiencing it. Probably over the last two years I have seen their service support level drastically wanting.

Firstly trying to ring them is a nightmare as you are always greeted with a message about high call demand anytime of the day and night. The option of leaving your number and receiving a call back is now rarely offered. So you wait because what you want cannot be dealt with on the website. Waiting usually takes 30 mins to an hour. I recently had to book a complicated itinerary Brisbane, Scandinavia, UK, India, Honk Kong Brisbane. Impossible to be done on the website. It involved two tickets close to $12,000. Eventually it was booked and I was given 24hrs to consult my wife before proceeding. By the way during this waiting I tried their "new" SMS service...with agents at the ready to take your SMS!!! No response for nearly 20 mins. (More about this later). Back to my booking, I made some minor changes and confirmed my wife's itinerary as being the same as mine. I had by this stage spoken with 3 consultants. Later that night I rung back to make the payment. NZ consultant answered (again a long wait). She informed me that the itinerary reserved could not be booked as it was not valid as " a circle route". I was flabbergasted as I had wasted a whole day with this booking. Also had made business appointments to conform. The only way to do it was a Round the World trip via the USA. This means ESTA application, overnight stay and expenses in New York AND I have had to eliminate one day of meetings in Finland because of the reduced time there.

Because of the initial day of booking delays (which was a waste of more time anyway) I was texting the SMS team and said I wanted someone from Customer care to ring me to discuss my many complaints. First they texted back saying they couldn't.....then they said they would....then they put my text through to someone doing bookings who said she couldn't either. I texted back and she finally rang me to say she couldn't arrange for someone to call me and only could put me through to that Dept......MORE WAITING that meant. I became rather vocal and said I am about to spend $12,000 with QANTAS and want someone from Customer Care to ring me....She said I was at liberty to spend my money with any airline I chose...I was shocked and told her so.....she put the phone down on me!!! I have put in two written complaints 2 weeks ago. No response so more ringing and waiting yesterday. Eventually spoke to a person from their Platinum team.....I am only Silver!!! He initially could not find my complaints...sent him copies and he tracked down to a Dept in NZ. He apologised profusely but the only thing he was authorised to do was give me and my wife 3,000 points each....small compensation!!!

SO what is the reason for firstly why they are so understaffed to take calls in a timely manner (Apparently they have call centres in Hobart, Auckland, Manila and Jo'burg). Secondly their software seems unable to detect when a consultant comes up with a itinerary that is invalid. If they cannot have staff available to book these more complicated travels, then the website needs upgrading. Thirdly the SMS service is a joke....AND people like the booking consultant who basically told me to take my money elsewhere should be strongly disciplined or sacked!!

PS. About 6 months ago I complained to a consultant and she said the only way I will get anywhere is go right to the top....I said you mean Mr Joyce and she said who has his email???


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I can understand your frustrations.. it's becoming more prevalent over the past 5 years.. cutting staff/outsourcing etc.. the "old days" where you could get someone who actually knows how to solve thing is gone.

For an itinerary that is complicated as yours I would have gone to a travel agent.. U will get less grey hairs and stress...probably for very little cost.


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Qantas’ service cannot possibly deteriorate. Something that was non existent to begin with simply cannot deteriorate.


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If you insist on booking and flying with Qantas then you better get used to being treated like this. They have a strong loyalty program and loyal fanbase which keeps them in business so there is no incentive for them to improve.


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I would go to a travel agent and specify your preference of flying Qantas / OneWorld (if that is indeed the case) for trips of this complexity - put the organisation in their hands and save yourself the stress - not to mention time!


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I would go to a travel agent and specify your preference of flying Qantas / OneWorld (if that is indeed the case) for trips of this complexity - put the organisation in their hands and save yourself the stress - not to mention time!

it never ceases to amaze me the rubbish that people put up with from Qantas, do yourself a favour and do not deal with them. There are many better options such as Cathay, Finnair, SIA, and they answer their phones!!!

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DELTA always answer phones straight away, it’s quite amazing. Qantas Gold members most of the times can use the call back service, waiting from 8 to less than an hour. With Qantas, one needs to be Platinum to notice significant service improvements.


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Actually the first Qantas consultant who put together the original (wrong) itinerary said that I should consider going to travel agency for comparison. This I did later that day. Went to Hello World (the old Harvey World Travel). The young girl took the details down (under the watchful eye of an older lady) and said if I don't get back to you today, will do tomorrow......she never came back. At that stage I was embroiled with Qantas and needed something to happen so didn't have time to ring them!!!


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Sorry to hear your story and perhaps I am lucky as I am Plat.

I have just done a return First international and Business domestic leg and compared to my trip down home last year I found their service in almost every aspect had improved.


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Unfortunately the telephone sales experience is likely to decrease even further if the reports of Qantas closing it's call centre in Hobart eventuates.

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Not that I have the ideal answer/solution/s, only suggestions.

Though, if you haven't paid QF anything as yet now, and you really need to get to those meetings overseas, maybe just forget QF and go with SQ.
ESTA, its only Usd$14 by 2 is Usd$28, maybe Aud$60/Aud$70.
But, I would like to add it would be near impossible to get your hands on Mr Joyce or his email address, or his physical work address.

And I am sure they would not put out his home address either, of course, that one is going too far.

He might be listed as CEO, but I don't think they would be so inept to get him to work at QF Corporate HQ at Coward St, Mascot.

He probably has a non descript office/address somewhere in Central Sydney, (not that I am in the "club", mind you, just speculating, wrong as it might be).

Security wise, I am sure they would quadruple vet anything addressed to "the CEO, Qantas" to the bin or Mr Joyce's minion to answer with a generic, "your business is very important to us..." reply.


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Well said OP. Wife just experienced the exact same situation especially with the SMS rubbish. Spent extended periods trying to get someone on the phone then was sent to SMS who said her seat had been changed to close to the front in aisle. She was 7 months pregnant and cannot sit in the middle seat at the rear as given. Get to the airport and find the agent booked her in a worse seat and nobody could do anything about it.

Very frustrating to see the race to the bottom at Qantas. As a non Aussie I've always loved Qantas so seeing this is depressing.

Aussie corporates are complacent and don't scrutinise their travel expenses one bit. They stick blindly with Qantas due to the reputation and lounges.

Been flying United 787 to and from the US and have seen a marked improvement in service from FAs compared to a few years ago.

Qantas have developed a fascination with flying to Europe via Perth. In reality American firms dominate the landscape in Aus so why aren't qf going for this market with new destinations more aggressively? It's inexcusable that there are no direct services bw Oz and Seattle!

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Hewnix QF via Seattle with Alaskan is well and truly in the frame if the AA deal falls through. Not sure it is a ‘fascination’ flying to Europe via Perth rather than it being lucrative, as it is.

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Hope Allan and the powers that be in ?Qantas read these comments. For relatively little cost, Qantas could solve these issues.


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What DJ said: do not fly Qantas!

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