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  • Hi All,I registered with double status credits on my personal account, and booked over 50 flights for the year in the past 3 days Silly me just saw the email today for bonus 3000 points with Qantas business rewards for each booking made between March 25 to April 1, which I have just registered f...

  • AGREE!!!!! I cannot change the damn booking and stuck overseas currently. and cannot be on the phone for hours with Qantas..

  • Qantas Platinum Soft Landing?

    Oct 20, 2019, 02:35 PM

    Hey all,I am a QFF gold that just made Qantas Platinum that will last till Jan 2021.I however have Qantas points flowing out of my ears. If I was to book all my flights with points for 2020, and earn 0 status credits, will I get a definite soft landing to gold for year of 2021?Many thanks!

  • DYKWIA and chucking a massive tantrum in front of the agent works best :-) I'm sure that will make the agent “play nice”

  • You have to remember there’s a LOT of people with SO much money they have no way in spending it all. My boss regularly takes his whole family of 5 on first class trips to the US. Fully paid for in cash. His youngest child is 4. Imagine splurging close to $20k for your 4 year old in first cl...

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