Double status credits and business rewards

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Hi All,

I registered with double status credits on my personal account, and booked over 50 flights for the year in the past 3 days

Silly me just saw the email today for bonus 3000 points with Qantas business rewards for each booking made between March 25 to April 1, which I have just registered for.

For each of the initial bookings made, I already entered my QFF and my business rewards ABN number.

Does anyone know or have any experience whether the business rewards bonus points still get credited if the flights were booked prior to registering but still falling within the promo period?

I know for double status credits this won’t apply, as it’s linked to our personal accounts. But will it be different for business rewards please?

I have very little energy in trying to get through to Qantas with the 3+ hours wait times even as a platinum, and don’t really want to cancel 50 flights and start again. But it’s a lot of points being missed out on..

Thanks heaps for any help.


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The terms of the business rewards promo states you have until 11:59pm on the 1/4/22 to register for it. And applies to bookings made between 25/3 and 1/4 for travel from 2/4, so in my interpretation of it you should receive the bonus points based on your rewards level

There was a reminder email sent about it today

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