• David, was trying to workout what happens to the aircraft that arrives in Sydney from London at 8.40pm Friday night. Does it sit in Sydney till the following Wednesday departure ?

  • Flight radar shows multiple Hong Kong Sydney flights arriving each morning. Or are these just freight services on passenger planes ?

  • 24 hours since the changes were announced and they still have not updated their timetables or the booking system Web site still shows QF1 via Singapore on a A380 departing 6th May. Yes qantas wants loyalty but it's all one sided theirs !!!

  • Telstra currently does offer plans that include 2gb international data roaming along with calls and texts from tier 1 countries per month without having to purchase international day pass separately.

  • Interesting ideas, but I remember (not too many lifetimes ago) when platinum's (and golds when that was the top level) received 100% points bonus based on the fare class paid, not the current base economy point base fare. Like lots of earning rates that have been eroded over the years. They rea...

  • Chicago AA Lounge

    Nov 30, 2018, 06:29 PM

    QF gold will get you access to the AA flagship lounge in ORD (which is quite a nice space now the reno is complete) have a great time there.

  • Glad its not just me that has experienced this, but it still begs belief that nearly a year after being introduced, their main seat feature is not certified for the aircraft and a seat they promote as "mini first class" which was the whole point of the post here, not the fact that its about the l...

  • Last Friday 24/8 on a Dreamliner flight from Mel-Bne I was told by the flight attendant that I could not have my business seat in the reclined take-off position it had to be fully upright. I said they advertise this as a feature of the seat to which the response was that it was not certified for ...

  • Qantas Boeing 787 VH-ZNB delivery

    Dec 06, 2017, 06:43 PM

    That's going to make it tight considering its first USA flight is scheduled for the 16th December following the launch flight on the 15th by the current Dreamliner

  • Qantas Boeing 787 VH-ZNB delivery

    Dec 06, 2017, 12:47 PM

    Hi,just wondering if the 2nd Qantas Dreamliner has been delivered and what it has been named? The deliver schedule had it slated for Dec 3rd