'One' Qantas? ....... but lots of Service Centres!

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Hi Fellow Travellers,

With Qantas' continuing push for greater 'share of wallet' I wonder whether they might be occasionally tripping over themselves wrt handoffs between Service Centres?

ie Several times over the past year or so I have had cause to contact the Frequent Flyer Service Centre with an enquiry or clarification. I can recall some negative experiences being handed-off from, say, the Frequent Flyer Service Centre to Qantas Premier Service Centre, or Qantas Cash perhaps. This might all seem perfectly logical, ie the appropriate Service Centre needs to deal. Where it gets frustrating however is when you get handed-off from one Service Centre, only to be informed that you need to go back to the FF Service Centre (even from where you started!). My experience has been this hand-off can happen repeatedly. All the more frustrating when, at each handover, you need to re-validate your credentials eg verify your identity. Sometimes I've even been handed-back and then left on hold .......... only to have to start the entire process again.

At one level I guess it's understandable with the different product channels, just not a great customer experience. Any way they could present 'One Qantas' would be a service improvement, contemplating individually we're just 'One' Customer, trying to deal with 'One' airline.

Wondering whether others out there have had similar frustrating experiences?


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Sounds like poor staff training. Not a good reflection of how Qantas manages its call centres.


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The happiest most helpful Qantas people appear to those who call me from Qantas wine, trying to sell me something. If only their level of friendliness and courtesy was shown consistently across the ‘One’ Qantas Group.

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