Qantas Classic Reward Business/First availability to Europe

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Can anyone share their experience of trying to get business/first class seats on say Emirates/Qater/Cathay Pacifi flights to Europe. I’m looking for flights in Sept - there’s plenty of sale fares on this month being a non busy period - but there is literally no premium seat reward availability I can see for that time of year. I curiously searched for flights for March and can see business/first availability to Middle East and beyond for ex Aus - so my question is should I just wait closer to the time In the hopes that premium reward seats become available? Anyone have similar experiences and was able to get what they were after?


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February is a bit late to look for September flights. You should have been looking late last year for those flights.

Reward seats would be hard to come by with the school holiday period. When demand is high for revenue fares there’s less reason to release reward seats.

Of course seats can be made available at any time and some airlines will make reward seats available for days with light loads that they don’t expect to be able to close to fill with revenue tickets, but you can’t count on it.


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Last time I booked a classic award for Sept, I booked it in October the year before.

Last time, we went via EK Sydney to Zurich and Zurich to Sydney via CX, with a ~5 day side trip in HK.

Coming back had much less availability.


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On past experience seats will tend to open up, however comes down to how close to the time you are willing to cut it. Could be anytime right up until September.

I booked back in August for my flights on EK in F for June this year to Amsterdam, however was still able to change dates around last month with reasonable availability.


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For an August 18 journey from Melbourne to Milan (CX) via Hong Kong (QF), we landed two J seats at the end October 17.

You're going to need to check almost daily for availability if they're not available now, I normally see the seats open up closer to the intended departure date..


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Turns out there is availability - just not showing up online I had to call this morn when FF team opened up - snagged QR F and J seats to Italy. Bit disappointing actually online isn’t truly accurate representation - so my advice to anyone in similar position always call if u can’t find what your looking for.

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