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Hi, I'm a newbie here, so I hope I'm not asking something obvious. I'm a gold FF with Qantas and often use points to upgrade from economy (flexi saver) to business. Once I have bought the ticket online, I immediately go and apply for an upgrade online.

In the past, I quite often got an immediate upgrade. Recently, I have noticed that these immediate upgrades are not awarded and that I'm put on a waitlist where I will be notified 5 hours before the flight. I know the policy has recently changed in relation to the waitlist.

Has anyone else noticed that they tend to get waitlisted now? Do you hear 5 hours before, or do they let you know earlier? Finally, does anyone have good tips for getting immediate upgrades. Thanks!


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In most instances (I would say around 75% of the time) as a platinum member I will get immediate confirmation.  When I am wait listed, i generally find about 2 days prior in about 90% of the time.  It all depends where you are flying and what type of aircraft.  One tip to getting immediate upgrade is to book very early if possible and try and fly the B767 or A330, where there are more business seats available.


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Hi there, I am not too sure about the 5 hours waitlist but if you are booked on flights with high Biz loads then the opportunity for upgrades may be more limited. Such flights may include certain flights from the East Coast to Perth. You may wish to try for flights with lower demand for Biz Class, maybe at non-peak hours so that may increase your upgrade chances. Hope this helps.


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well.. My partner did it once return ticket from syd to HKG. qantas said he would know 5 hours before  but qantas did not call or confirm it. he found it out when he checked in at airport that his seat was upgraded it. mind you thtat my partner is silver member of QFF. I don't know may be higher QFF members would get a call.  

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I assume you're asking about domestic flights.

If an award business seat ('U' class) is available you will get instant confirmation, it's not status based.

Otherwise you'll be on the waitlist which will be cleared close to departure in order of status.

International upgrade requests are all done via a waitlist system.

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