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Just a FYI in case anyone is also caught off guard! Flew out of Heathrow today, and Qantas (as of today) have changed their check in counter at Heathrow from Aisle B to C. This is bc they have established a baggage arrangement or something with Finnair and CX at LHR, or so the check in lady informed me.


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Thank you JA 😃

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Thank you for the info.

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Thank you, it’s Terminal 3 Aisle C, better make a note on itinerary.


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Apologies if I should have started a new thread, but this IS the header I would have used.

Firstly, thanks for the tip JA, much appreciated.

Secondly, last time I was at Heathrow, September 2018, the check-in didn't kick off until exactly 3 hours before the flight, by which time there was a very long queue. Is there an alternative to this? With hotel/Airbnb chuck out times, even with luggage storage offered, you still end up at the airport early and it is a pain being saddled with luggage for hours at the less than salubrious LHR.

I will probably be at the airport by 16:30 - to avoid the bulk of the regular commuter overload, yes, I take the tube, not the Heathrow Express - and my flight is QF2 at 21:05. I am wondering if, as a platinum/emerald, there is an option to check in early, perhaps with another Oneworld member? Or is there a Qantas early check-in desk that I have failed to notice?




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You are correct about the three hours but as a platinum you won’t have a long queue to deal with. It will be you or one in front of you. First and platinums like to do late check ins from my experience. Worth coming a little later to avoid the 2 your wait before check in. I did that wait last year.


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I appreciate that this is now a dead thread, but I thought that I would report that with the change to Aisle C in Terminal 3 LHR, there is now self check in and self bag drop off for those that arrive early.

This means that when I turned up last Wednesday at 16:00, well before the standard check in time, I was able to do the check in and bag drop (with a barcode gun) myself and so, go the the Cathay lounge (my preference to the Qantas lounge) early.

There were staff from Finnair and Cathay on hand to help if needed. The regular escalator was not in use, so I used the lifts to go to departure security etc.

All up, it was very fast, and I was in the lounge having a G&T by 16:30. It was so much better than the queue that I was expecting to stand in for a couple of hours!

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