ANA 787-8 Business Class - Travelling as a couple

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Took the opportunity of booking introductory fares for ANA's new Perth to Tokyo direct flights early next year.

Has anyone any experience of travelling on their 787-8's in J as a couple. Basically the layout seems to be designed to totally isolate every passenger.

We would usually go for a centre pair, as on most airlines the privacy screen can be retracted to some extent. On ANA they are fixed.

In the end we chose a pair of window seats, one behind the other, as at least it's easier to get up if we need/want to talk.

Would be interested in other's views. The only other experience of something like this was with Air NZ's herringbone arrangement - we may as well have been on different flights.


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I have booked the window seats, one behind the other. This is best when traveling as a couple. Avoid the centre rows.

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