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  • Thanks for the posts. I certainly didn't know about the AEST issue. Realise that data limit is poor, but I use Wifi or local data SIM anyway.I just need to be contactable and will make/take very few calls. Trying to establish if that's going to result in paying $10 a day almost regardless of usage.

  • Has anyone any experience of Telstra's new $10/Day roaming pass? Supposed to only charge for days phone is overseas and used.With some phones "leaking" small amounts of data, even when data is turned off, I'm concerned that I'll get wacked $10 a day regardless of any actual usage.In the past I've...

  • I've seen those sort of terms and conditions elsewhere, including airlines, and kept old cancelled cards intact just in case.That said, in practice I've never been questioned presenting different card at check-in, including Hiltons here and overseas.

  • Took the opportunity of booking introductory fares for ANA's new Perth to Tokyo direct flights early next year.Has anyone any experience of travelling on their 787-8's in J as a couple. Basically the layout seems to be designed to totally isolate every passenger.We would usually go for a cen...

  • Velocity Login Problems

    Jan 17, 2019, 12:56 PM

    Thanks for the feedback. Did see similar problem reported on their facebook page.Managed to resolve by resetting Firefox!

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