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Is anyone else havin problems with login to the Velocity web site? Login accepts details and then returns to the home page. Trying to login again does nothing. Clicking around I can find a page saying the site is undergoing "scheduled maintenance" but its been like that for a couple of days and there are no date/time details, so I don't even know if that message is current.


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No problems for me.

Rod H

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Working quite OK for me as well.


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Maybe you need to refresh your browser, as I just had no problems. I hope it resolves soon.


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Thanks for the feedback. Did see similar problem reported on their facebook page.
Managed to resolve by resetting Firefox!


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Cache and Cookies, failling that, jump into incognito mode/private browsing


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I used to have issues, but the re-fresh (finally) is working for me. Try the velocity app too if you haven't already.

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