Singapore Airlines launches KrisFlyer ‘family pooling’

You pay for your kid’s airline tickets, so it’s totally fair that you get their frequent flyer miles too!

By David Flynn, August 16 2021
Singapore Airlines launches KrisFlyer ‘family pooling’

Singapore Airlines now lets its KrisFlyer members share their frequent flyer miles among families, with the launch of the KrisFlyer for Families program.

This 'family pooling' scheme allows parents to access the KrisFlyer miles of their children so that the parents can enjoy upgrades and other mileage-based rewards faster.

Up to five accounts for children between 2 and 15 can be linked to the account of one parent or guardian, with a maximum transfer of 50,000 KrisFlyer miles per child account per year – although there's a fee of US$5 or 500 KrisFlyer miles for every 5,000 KrisFlyer miles transferred.

That link is enabled by logging into your child's KrisFlyer account and, on the Personal Details page, selecting the Parental Link option.

Child-parent accounts will be automatically unlinked when the child turns 16, at which points the kid's miles are all theirs.

It's worth noting that although Singapore Airlines' child fares are less expensive than those paid by adults, the kids still earn the the same number of KrisFlyer miles as an adult – so if your high-flying offspring aren't already KrisFlyer members and collecting KrisFlyer miles on every trip, they should be!

There's one caveat: if your child's KrisFlyer miles are soon to reach their 36-month expiration date, transferring them to your account won't change that – so you'd better have a use in mind for them, and soon, before their use-by date hits.

"A transfer of KrisFlyer miles from the KrisFlyer account of a Minor to the KrisFlyer account of a parent/guardian will not change the expiration date of the relevant KrisFlyer miles," Singapore Airlines confirms.

To get the ball rolling on KrisFlyer for Families, Singapore Airlines  says the first 5,000 parents and guardians who link their childs' accounts to their own between now and August 31 2021 will receive a bonus 500 KrisFlyer miles (limited to one linked child-parent account).

The program is similar to the family pooling offered by Virgin Australia

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15 Mar 2016

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Not exactly "family pooling" when partners can't share points.

18 Aug 2021

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Singapore Airlines needs to learn from the excellent Qantas frequent flyer program where points can be transferred between any family member ( or even outside immediate family) with no fees. Not being able to transfer or Share points between partners is  pretty much pointless as noted by BOF. 

04 Sep 2019

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"family pooling"

ye not quite singapore airlines. max 50k points a year and only between kids and a single parent. 

no news here 

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