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  • oi but at least when your picking up chicks at the hotel bar, you can flash your centurion cardmight save you some $$$$$$ on hookers

  • Phantom award seats

    Jan 18, 2022, 06:07 PM

    British airways BA15 is a phantom award at the moment as well

  • Originally Posted by tommygun By extension, if you were booked on a late evening flight that got cancelled and they offered you an early morning flight same day - thus depriving you of 12+ hours to do things you had planned - they still would not be bound to cover accommodation. Why does that no...

  • Originally Posted by Travellz It almost as if Premier Dominic Perrottet read my question last night haha - I was not expecting the outcome of no quarantine - Well done NSW for showing some common sense. hes playing politics, he needs something to put himself front and centre and make him popular...

  • THONGS in business class.

    Apr 03, 2021, 04:54 PM

    Originally Posted by Ted Douglas Originally Posted by dm12 I have no issue with thongs Well thankfully Qantas business has banned these rubber thongs exposing manky feet. Banned on business class flights? I know they are banned from all qantas lounges, not just the business class ones.

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