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Question for anyone that may have been in similar situation.

Have taken advantage of Qantas double credit offer, have flights at end of June - which booked under double credit deal - worth 40+40 credits. My platinum rollover expires also end of June, and will be 30 points short of redemption without the double credit . so Question is, if the double status credit hit account prior end of June all good, but what it takes a few days - into July, do I still get the double credits as of day of flying or when they hit the account?


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The same answer every time this question is asked. The credits apply to whatever year you fly in. In your case they will be backdated and go into your before June 30 collection so you will keep Platinum even if the don't get in your account until after June 30.


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Being only 30 points short in my experience they will review your account and renew Platinum even though bonus status points haven't physically hit yet. But they will be backdated to day of flying so wont roll over to following year.

I have been Platinum for 11 straight years and 2 years ago was 110 status points short and they still renewed my Platinum. So someone must look at history etc.

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