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  • Yes as a Platinum you can get 1 Guest in plus child as I have done many times. They must be flying same day but not necessarily same flight.

  • Ooh and really who would ever purchase First its not worth the extra in any Airline. I always upgrade with points its the best value.

  • Flown both myself. My Q First exp. was 1A same leg as you to LAX but in 2013 it was a bit newer then. I thought it was just ok and didn't not even compare to Emirates A380 First.787 Business have flown its ok nice and quiet Plane but you cant beat the extra personal space and exclusivity that ...

  • Double Status Credit Question

    May 26, 2019, 08:16 AM

    Being only 30 points short in my experience they will review your account and renew Platinum even though bonus status points haven't physically hit yet. But they will be backdated to day of flying so wont roll over to following year. I have been Platinum for 11 straight years and 2 years ago wa...