Gaining QF First Class Lounge access for spouse

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Both my wife and I will be travelling on the same day and around the same time. I will be flying to HKG on Cathay (Business) and my wife is flying to Shanghai on Qantas (Business). I am a QF Platinum while my wife is Silver. Will I be able to take my wife to the Qantas First Class lounge in Sydney if we are not on the same flight but both flying with Oneworld airlines?


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From the Qantas website re. Platinum Frequent Flyers @ Sydney First lounge: “One guest allowed and must be travelling with the member on the same flight”.

That would suggest no. However, there is no harm in asking at the lounge?


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The toc on Qantas website is very misleading. The same flight restriction of guest access is applied to business class passenger, which is pretty generous of Qantas. But the high flyer holding status, like QF P, ow emerald, is eligible to take one guest to f lounge as long as you both are on ow metal, even if you are on different flights.

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I believe you should be able to guest your wife into the lounge as the TOCs for platinums regarding guesting state:

"When travelling on a flight with a oneworld member airline flight number on your ticket Qantas International Lounge access is provided to one guest who must be travelling that day on a oneworld member airline marketed and operated flight."

Therefore, based on the fact you are an emerald, travelling on CX (a OW member airline), you can guest your wife on the basis that she too is travelling on a OW marketed and operated flight (QF) on the same day.


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Thanks for the response guys very much appreciated. Fingers crossed they will apply OW rules instead of QF rules (ie. same flight).


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This happened to me (platinum) and my colleague (bronze) before. I was on a QF and he was on a BA flight (different aircraft and flying times to Singapore). F lounge dragon (up stair) initially refused entry citing QF rule. I then pulled out my record of a previous exchange with QF to show that OneWorld rule will trump QF rule. Manager came, then we got in.

Same story on the way back from Singapore, the lounge manager got involved, we got in, she asked me to forward her my exchange with QF for future reference.

In short, you shall be able to guest your wife to F lounge, but you might need to prepare in advance.

PS: I posted my note to to the Australian frequent flyer forum after my trip.

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My husband and I, who are both Platinum members, are travelling Business Class on Qantas to Denpasar in July. Two of our friends will be on the flight also in Business Class but without any status.Can we get them into the lounge on the day or do we have to organise this with Qantas prior?


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That should not be any issues at all. There is no need to advice Qantas in advance.

They could be quite generous though. When our group of 5 adults travelled last time on the same flights with Prenium Ecconomy, only 2 of us has Platinum and 3 on Bronze, we were all allowed in the F lounges in Sydney and LA.

We splitted up on the way back, 1 Platinum and 2 Bronze, they directed all 3 to Business louge instead.


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Yes as a Platinum you can get 1 Guest in plus child as I have done many times. They must be flying same day but not necessarily same flight.


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I noticed that with the rules - requiring international Qantas Lounge guests of a QFF Platinum/Gold member to be on the same flight as opposed to their guests being on an onward Oneworld flight as applies to other Oneworld Emerald/Sapphire flyers. I think it's unusual to me that Qantas would be more restrictive to their own QFF members than other Oneworld airlines (as they're more generous with their domestic lounge access than to other Oneworld FF program flyers). So I did some asking around randomly as I visited Qantas international lounges over the past year to see how they actually enforced it.

- Sydney F Lounge told me that they technically have to be travelling on Qantas but they'll let it slide as long as the guest is travelling on a Oneworld carrier. Judging from the experiences above, it depends on who is on duty, so I think it's safer to prearrange something with Qantas.
- I had a problem at the Singapore Qantas Business class lounge when I bought in a family with me (I'm QFF Platinum). Without asking nay questions, the attendant looked at their Cathay Pacific boarding pass and told me that they needed to be travelling on the same flight and quoting the Qantas rules. After some argument over the Oneworld rules, I told them to read the boarding pass again and told them the person following me in had Oneworld Emerald status anyway. They surrendered, but it really makes me wonder if they're really trying to be helpful or difficult with their customers.

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Possibly carry the OneWorld rules on your phone to show the Lounge staff.

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