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SYD Terminal Transfers. Next week I am flying on Air New Zealand from CHC into SYD. I then have a stopover time of two hours and then flying on a Qantas Link flight into tamworth. Do I need to collect my bags and then recheck them in with Qantas. Also do I need to change terminal and If so is there a bus/train or something? Thanks for your help :) PS the flights are on two different bookings and I don't think NZ/QF have interline agreements especially trans tasman


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Hi there,

Yes I do believe you will need to pick up and then recheck your bags at a Qantas check-in counter.

You will also need to go from T1 (International Terminal) to T2 (Domestic/Qantaslink). To transfer between the two terminals, you can catch the TBus which goes from Intl to the Domestic terminals at a cost of AU$5.50, and the buses leave around every half hour up to 8pm. Another transfer option is to catch the AirportLink train from T1 to T2 at a cost of AU$5.00, with trains leaving regularly from 5am to midnight. 

Hope it helps.

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Definitely have to pick up bags to clear Customs at SYD.  You can recheck at the Qantas domestic counters in the International terminal after you exit the Customs hall.  Qantas have their own bus for transfers to T2- see this link http://www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/airport-guide-sydney-international-terminal1/global/en#transfers

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Yes, you must collect your bags at Sydney on arrival, so that you can take them through Australian Customs & Quarantine.  It's not an issue of bookings or interlining on this occasion.


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You should be able to check in and use the free QF transer bus at Terminal 1 in Sydney to get you to Terminal 2.

The Qantas website has the details - www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/airport-guide-sydney-international-terminal1/global/en#transfers




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Hi Koru17,

Air NZ and Qantas definitely have an interline agreement (I've made use of it a few times), so you may be able to tag your bags through to your final destination in Australia; you'll still need to collect your bags in Sydney and clear customs and quarantine with them.

You should be allowed to use the terminal transfer service at T1 to check into your qantas flight regardless of whether you've checked your bag the whole way through or not. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong)


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I am not quite sure on the Qantas Terminal Transfer service either, but according to the website it is only for QF International flights transferring to QF domestic flights.

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