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hi all,

my wife, daughter and I are booking brisbane to Vancouver return business class soon and I've notice that the connecting flights LAX To Vancouver and Vancouver to LAX only books us in economy via code share with air Canada , yet both the brisbane to LAX and LAX to brisbane flights are in business class with Virgin when I look at the virgin website.
just wondering if someone would know if we will still get lounge entry in LAX and Vancouver into Air Canada lounge even though I've booked with virgin for brisbane to Vancouver in business class?


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No you wouldn't get lounge access as the next onwards flight is in Economy.

Are you flexible with dates? The reason why the Air Canada flights are showing economy is due to lack of space. Only a certain number of business class seats are released on the VA/AC codeshare flights hence is might not be showing on the Virgin website.

I'd have a look at ITA Matrix (just google "ITA Matrix" and pick the top link) to see if it shows something different to the Virgin website and if it does then call Virgin to book (making note that you're not paying any phone fees as it's not possible online).


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You could try BNE-YVR nonstop on AC in business. They fly 787-8 daily if your prepared to go all the way there in one hit.

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Is there a specific reason you are flying via LAX? Due to having to transfer in LAX, the time with the layover, if choice of airline isn’t important,

I would fly Air Canada. It is one hop, you are in business all the way, and you don’t have to transfer in LAX. There is also the time saving factor.


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Another reason to avoid the Lax transfer is you’ll need an ESTA visa for the US even though only in transit. Applies on the NZ flight Akl to Lhr where you simply get off the plane to get back on. Tedious

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