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  • F8, unlike the casual approach to self isolation in the UK, the returning passenger will have no way to avoid forced hotel isolation here. Everyone is rounded up on arrival by the AFP and or ADF and transferred to secure hotels. Testing results every day in NSW show this process has identified in...

  • Lara Bingle's mum unfairly complained about her stay in the boutique The Urban Newtown.The Pullman on College St is also used.

  • Emirates is trying to get more Europe JFK flights as their Milan and Athens flights do well. The National Governments want to protect their home airlines and have said no. Plus the cost of slots.

  • Should Qantas fly to Seattle?

    Jul 22, 2019, 11:26 AM

    Regarding the tag flight does any one know whether Chicago international immigration and customs is bearable or has some of the delays known at LAX? A tag flight would force immigration and customs in Seattle so a delay over a non stop flight to Chicago. Just wonder whether the convenience of a d...

  • The youtube vlogger “When I travel the world” swears by 96k in the old j class seating config.He has a video on it.

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