Best business class seats on the Singapore Airlines A380

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Dear everyone, thank you for your time. On the website, I can see most-appreciated articles for "Best business class seats on Singapore Airlines..." for most of their aircraft, but not the A380. In a couple of weeks, for the first time, I will be flying on the new A380 and wondered if an article will be released on the A380, like with the other aircraft? Many thanks!


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Really, most of the seats are fine. If travelling alone, window seats are the best. If travelling with a partner or a colleague middle seats are the best.

I found that the forward seats were quieter and warmer than the aft seats, where the air con was quite cold. So for me I prefer the main forward section of the cabin. But really you can’t go wrong.


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Aim for bulkhead! Way more legroom. Window/middle as above.


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as far as possible from the toilets. check on seatguru


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I just got off SQ221 and the back of the plane seemed quieter, just don’t go too close to the toilets or the galley. Prefer the new A380 seats to the 777/A350 100%


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The youtube vlogger “When I travel the world” swears by 96k in the old j class seating config.He has a video on it.

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