• Pretty sure they internally planned both devaluations at the same time and scheduled them. Would have been a lot fairer to announce at the same time.

  • Lost a bit of trust in kriflyer here. Clearly timed to catch out people who transfered full balances from velocity before the change in transfer rate.Also ‘positive’ changes are mostly a much neeeded upgrade in their search and booking platform.The confirmed waitlist is nonsense as ...

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  • Aim for bulkhead! Way more legroom. Window/middle as above.

  • In a similar position - is it possible to to waitlist the desired business seat and then book an economy award? Hopefully then change once the waitlist clears. I’m flexible in dates, but can’t really wait until a few hours before the flight for a confirmation (without a backup).

  • This happens to me on a regular basis and i usually screenshot the driver and report to uber - not sure how effective this is though and definately annoyjng. Once a driver even refused to take me to the airport. He asked me where i’m going when i was about to get in the car - he drove away ...

  • Wine fridges - any recommendations?

    Nov 04, 2018, 08:58 PM

    Reading the headline i was hoping this is about the absence of wine fridges on planes..Such a waste to serve quality red at freezing temps. Not talking about exact temp, but at least close to drinkable temps.

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