Wine fridges - any recommendations?

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Hi all

Not sure if this is the forum or category but figured as there are whisky and wine reviews I'd ask. If not OK - please delete.

I'm looking at getting a wine cooler and have short listed to a few. I'm looking for a smaller one, single temperature zone but needs humidity control. I'd like to stay under 1500/2000$. So far I've come up with Delonghi DEW54, VIntec 35 bottle one or Liebherr's WKB1712. Anyone have advice, comments, alternatives (fisher and paykel?). Thanks for your tips and recommendations.


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Do you just want to keep wine at the right temperature to drink? Then just get a cheap thermoelectric one. My restaurant has a bunch of cybercool ones - 18 bottle coolers on the bench for immediate sales and 72 bottle ones for mid term cellaring. The 72 bottle ones look great and cost me about $650 each including freight to regional QLD. They look great too, IMO much better than the old style wooden shelf ones. They do have problems with wider burgundy-style bottles though, that could incur minor label damage.

By humidity control, do you want to specify exact humidity (I'm not aware of any that allow this) or is that marketing spin for keeping humidity at the right level? If it's the latter, then absolutely any wine fridge or indeed normal fridge will be fine.I use a $200 generic thermoelectric cooler at home for my stash of old petrus, grange & octavius & it's held up for 10 years. Don't overpay, but the Vintec or Liebherr will be fine. Unfamiliar with anything from Delohngi.

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Liebherr Vinothek holds about 260 bottles (I think), the one with the solid door not see through. I forget the cost but it is about 12 years old and has moved house a couple of times (empty...!!!). Has temperature control and an auto humidity control function (not sure how it works).

The good news is that wine is good to drink even though living in remote and rural locations. No issues with the quality of wine so far.

With regard to size, go big, 3 doz around here would evaporate before they had time to 'mature'.


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After many years and all sorts of issues with expensive wine fridges, performance, service issues and availability of parts etc, now I just buy the cheap ones and then simply replace them when they die, 3 years on average, it works out a mile better off in the long run.


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Reading the headline i was hoping this is about the absence of wine fridges on planes..

Such a waste to serve quality red at freezing temps. Not talking about exact temp, but at least close to drinkable temps.


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Thanks All. So many options and opinions. I have dived into the world of wine "investment". I have some 2016 bordeaux's coming and expect to store them for a "long" time. Along with some others. The drinking ones probably won't need to be in the fridge as they won't last as long haha.

By humidity control I meant keeping the humidity above a certain %, as I understood too dry is no good either.


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I purchased a Vintec wine 'cellar' about 8 years ago. It's moved from Australia to Canada with me, and moved house here too and still working just fine, no issues at all. It holds approx 150 bottles, single temp. humidity control and keeps my precious Australian drops in optimum conditions. (I even got a sparky to wire up an outlet 220V so I could run it directly without a transformer!)

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