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  • Qantas 'volunteer' program

    Dec 11, 2018, 01:45 PM

    Qantas are only doing what a number of large companies do over the Christmas break. Go into any Woolies or Coles (or BIG W or K-Mart) and you'll see loads of volunteers from their support offices working in store, filling shelves, bag packing, supporting customers. Support offices are quiet, stor...

  • I vote for QR SYD > DOH > LHR.

  • It's not worth it, especially compared to QF Platinum (better lounge access as an example). Anyone can buy row 3 now, plus the rest of the usable benefits you can get with Gold (fly head, priority board/bags, lounge). I found the complimentary fare upgrades nice to have, but more often than not t...

  • I flew a similar route on QR last year - OSL > DOH > SYD, leaving OSL at 7:45am, then leaving DOH at 8:45pm. It's a tough one, as the flight leaving DOH is essentially a night flight, so you'll need to force yourself to stay awake for as much of the 14hrs as possible! My strategy was this: ...

  • Wine fridges - any recommendations?

    Nov 05, 2018, 10:19 AM

    If you've dived into the world of investment and aren't fussed about storing the drinking bottles, I would suggest offsite storage and let someone else take care of it for you. From memory, a locker is about $18/pm and you'll get 8 cases in there, all secure and climate controlled.

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