Emirates economy availability on Qantas points closer to departure?

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Hi all,

I'm QF silver and my wife and I are flying to our belated honeymoon in mid-August.
I booked the flights as part of the March 30% rewards sale and back then, the only SYD - DXB flight available on Y was the 6am take-off (EK415).
I have since looked for availability on Friday's EK413 (9:10pm take-off) to no avail. I have also tried MEL-DXB, BNE - DXB and ADL - DXB to no avail. Does anyone know if Emirates tend to open more QFF rewards seats closer to departure? We know that even if they generally do, it may not be for our date/flight, but I thought I would ask.

Thanks in advance!

Chris C.

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Yes, around 3-4 days (I'd say 72-80 hours) before departure, there can be a spike in reward availability closer to departure. Have done this myself, booking Emirates business class using Qantas Points six months out, finding first class rewards on the same flight a few days before travel, and calling QFF to change the booking from business to first class: cost was the usual change fee in points (6,000 points or so?) plus the difference in points between the business and first class rates.

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