• Perhaps they could at least implement green lane on the departure flights from NZ to AU and/or AU to SG as a staring point.

  • Hi Chris, I thought EK’s flights from AU to Singapore were from BNE rather than MEL or perhaps both? Any news on whether BNE would be reinstated alongside MEL pending borders and travel conditions? 

  • Unfortunate news for S. America bound travellers in economy. Chris, in general does Qantas recognise the FF status at time of ticketing, boarding or whichever is higher?Any news of codeshare impact to QF passengers flying on LA or vice-versa? 

  • Do rewards flights on Rex’s existing business points programme accrue further points at the rate of 1 per sector? I imply so...

  • On the matter of home quarantine, Canada allows arrivals to quarantine at home for 14 days provided they download an app and answer phone/video calls at random times through their stay. Compliance failure could attract a CA$ 750,000 fine and/or jail term, so there are certainly ways to make home ...

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  • Status support Reversal

    Apr 07, 2021, 05:55 PM

    On a second thought since it happened on the 1st of April, maybe it was a QF April fools joke!

  • Status support Reversal

    Apr 07, 2021, 05:41 PM

    Thanks for the clarification @anonymous. I indeed flew 50SC last membership year, but had 205SC expired at the end of the membership year, so received a total of 155 SC through different boost schemes in the course of 2020. 125 of which were in a single transaction (50% of SC needed to retain Sil...

  • Status support Reversal

    Apr 07, 2021, 01:14 PM

    I’m on the same boat, QF Silver with March membership anniversary. Qantas had initially credited 100 SC to my account that were subsequently reversed and replaced with 50 SC yesterday. Assuming the support gift was 50% of SC needed to retain status after March 2022 as per quote in @BNE007&r...

  • Over the last week, Hilton launched their Dream Big offer with discounts up to 30%. However, I noticed this new offer replaced the previous rate, sometimes referred to as 'Travel and Save', which allowed cancellation up to the night before the stay, without having to pay up to the 'Flexible Rate'...

  • QF Status Extensions Round 3

    Jan 03, 2021, 04:17 PM

    Hi @JA, I have the same QF anniversary month (March) and managed to fly twice before the recent round of border closures and despite having satisfied the criteria to have the status extended though March 2022, there is no news yet on that or any indication in the Qantas App or website when I log ...

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