Garuda change from A330 to B737

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Hi Garuda has downgraded our flight PER-DPS-PER in August. We had boomed row 1 in Business. Following the change we have been split up. Not only are we put on an inferior product but also split up. Garuda has said they are not allowed to for the A330 into PER for safety reasons as there are no alternative airport. How can this be given they fly t hge A330 today? I be l have both Broome, Kalgoorlie and Adelaide can take an A330. Possibly also Port Hedland.

I have tried talking to Garuda with o e person guaranteeing we will sit together and another denying it.

Any insights or advise given Garuda is the only business class carrier on this route?


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I struggled to understand a lot of your post. It seems to have been typed in haste. Or a lot of auto-correct.

One point I did catch was your last line. Batik provide business on this route. The flight time is also similar to Garuda. You could try with them instead if you want to cancel the Garuda booking. It is however a 737 as well. Garuda were the only carrier to use a widebody.


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They are taking you for a ride on that "no alternative airport" nonsense. SQ, MH, QF and ME3 fly routes that are even further west of the coast compared to DPS - PER - DPS route and have no issues with alternate aerodromes. GA has been routinely downgrading A333 to B738 during southern hemisphere lull periods on GA727/8, nothing new there. There are just reallocating the fleet to more profitable/ higher load factor routes as they have limited widebodies.

I agree that the B738 is an inferior J hard product. Perhaps consider if they could refund you and book yourself on any non J flights if you wish. Alternatively if J is a must, consider a backtracking route on SQ or MH.


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For a flight under 5 hours narrowbody aircraft are more then sufficient.I agree the statement about no alternative landing airports for safety is incorrect but the 737 for such a short journey is comfortable.


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In a slightly different situation to OP, flew out on A330 in J but received email saying return will be 737. As flyinraven states, this has happened to me before with Garuda on both legs! Can empathize with OP though.

This was the only decent J from PER to DPS, but this current trip (in Bali at present) even this J has gone down hill. Apart from the space the A330 affords;

no menus were handed out only verbal explanation of meal options

no champagne on departure and had to be asked for with no site of the bottle- was Billecart Salmon at one stage

Amenity kits went a couple of years ago

A330 parts on seats are loose and falling off

Headphones are dreadful, cheap and squeal in ears if you don't get the jack exactly right

We upgraded with Garuda Miles for this J trip from Econ and would be miffed if paid for twin aisle to be going to 737 in J. They have get out of jail with operational issues in T&C's on switches of metal. All 1st world problems I know, but Jetstar for us now to the Island of the Gods!

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