Cost of at-the-airport upgrades for SQ?

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Decent price for airport upgrades? (Singapore Air)

Flying Manila-Sydney in about a months time in economy. I'm thinking to upgrade a section of my flight to business class > either manila-sing or sing-syd.

Does anyone have a rough idea on how much an upgrade at the airport would cost? man - sing is just 3hr 1470m & sing - sydney is about 7-8hr 3900m.


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My experience is that SQ does not offer upgrades. They are very protective of their premium cabins and will not just sell upgrades at the airport . Even PPS members (top FF members of Krisflyer) do not have a chance of buying up. Prepare to fly the cabin you paid for if you are on SQ. of course there is always a very slight chance on an operational upgrade, but that would only be in case you are a top member in their FF program.


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Agreed with KG that SQ does not offer discounted airport upgrades. If you really want to upgrade, they will usually quote you the full fare difference which can be quite a hefty sum. The best chances you have is to hope for an operational upgrade if one of their flights to SYD goes tech in SIN and they will have to shuffle people around on the other remaining flights and you may have a chance of an Op-up.

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