Qantas' or Qantas's

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If one is using the word Qantas in the possessive context, that is pronouncing the "iz", then the grammatically correct term, is Qantas's.

Sorry to be pedantic, but Qantas' is just not pronounceable! Even the spellchecker picks it up.


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Oooh my favourite kind of pedant! Its good to meet another of me.

But considering it's an acronym, wouldn't it be QANTAS's?

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While a small number of style guides indicate that a possessive noun ending in S should gain 's at the end (e.g. Qantas's), many more indicate that the choice is the writer's to make, who can either use a sole apostrophe (e.g. Qantas') or use 's: the tip being to be consistent in usage in either case.

Here, we use the apostrophe only – which looks cleaner too, especially for larger brand names like Singapore Airlines', Qatar Airways', Etihad Airways' and so on.

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Inclined to a sole apostrophe. Like james'. Love ET for the variety from whiskey (or whisky) to grammar.

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