Best way to get from Brisbane to Vienna, preferably via Asia?

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Can anyone suggest the best way to get from Brisbane to Vienna, preferably via Asia?


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The only one-stop option via Asia I can think of is via Bangkok (Austrian Air/OS codeshared on Thai Airways/TG metal to Bangkok, then Austrian Air to Vienna).

The other one-stop option is Emirates via Dubai.

Eva Air and China Airlines also fly all the way from Brisbane to Vienna via Taipei, but the connections don't work well (12 hour+ transit times for Eva, and they stop in Bangkok anyway; China Airlines doesn't fly to Vienna on the same days that the Brisbane flights operate). However, if you're keen to stopover in Asia for a couple of days anyway, China Airlines might work out.

Korean Air flies to Vienna on a ICN-VIE-ZRH-ICN loop, so you'll be one stop in one direction and two stops in the other. Also, you'll need to stop over in ICN as the flight to Vienna doesn't leave on the same day as you arrive in Brisbane.

Otherwise, you could also take Cathay or Malaysian to Frankfurt (or Singapore to Munich) and take a train to Vienna.


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Great rundown of the options, chanvw! Emirates sounds simplest, doesn't it..? CatherineP: if you choose EMirates, don't forget that booking this under its Qanats (QF) flight number will earn you full Qantas frequent flyer points and status credits, compared to fewer points and no status credits if you book under Emirats' own EK number. BUT - also compare the prices for Emirates vs booking via Qantas, as there have been many instances where the Emirates pricing proved significantly cheaper than Qantas.


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Won't be a QF codeshare on DXB - VIE leg though, as the Austrians (in their 'wisdom') rejected the QF/EK codeshare. Really makes zero sense. Further, they rejected EK's application for an extra flight per week (to 14 from the current 13) and also rejected EK's request for one of the daily flights to be an A380.

Whilst I can understand (but do not agree with) their desire to protect their flag carrier Lufthansa... oh sorry, I mean Austrian; surely a balance would have been to allow the double dailies and the QF codeshare? I can't see an extra flight per week & a QF codeshare affecting LH's empire.


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John, I agree that Emirates via Dubai is probably the 'easiest' option - no need to play around with different carriers (although Thai and Austrian are both Star Alliance which should help in that respect).

Emirates also offers two flights daily between Brisbane and Dubai (one via Singapore) and between Dubai and Vienna, so there should be less stress about missing a connection. Thai and Austrian fly daily (I believe) to Bangkok from Brisbane and Vienna respectively.


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I would definitely recommend Emirates, as it is the simplest option when flying from Brisbane. I fly with Emirates several times a year from Brisbane, to Europe, and I have always had a good experience.

If you were to fly EK435 from Brisbane to Dubai, and then EK127 from Dubai to Vienna, you would only have a stopover in Dubai of about 4 hours. You would depart Brisbane in the evening and arrive into Vienna in the early afternoon, about lunchtime. 

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