Questions regarding Qantas '50% bonus status credits' promotion

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Yesterday I received an email from with the title "Fly to Sydney, get 50% more Status Credits"

I have a few questions as I have never participated in a bonus status credits promotion before.

1. I was looking at the "12 Days of Christmas Sale" SYD-AKL return for less than $1000. Upon seeing the bonus SC promotion I immediately closed all my booking tabs, registered for the bonus SC promotion and booked SYD-AKL Return flights on the page that linked from the "register and book for promotion." The flights that I booked were within the period of the bonus SC promotion.

a. Is it normal to receive an email from QF loyalty stating that your registration for the promotion was successful? (I didn't receive one.)

b. As this airfare is part of the "12 Days of Christmas Promotion," Is it likely that I will qualify for bonus SC's?

c. I also have some upcoming MEL-SYD return flights that I need to book (During the bonus SC period) but since I haven't received confirmation of registration, I might hold off until I get a few replies....

d. Since the promotion was titled "Fly to Sydney and receive 50% more SC's," would you assume that I would receive 50% more SC's ONLY on Flights that are INBOUND to Sydney? IE Yes for MEL-SYD but No for SYD-MEL

Thanking you all so very much in advance!


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I was once registered, or at least I thought I was, but never received the confirmation email.

Finished the trip, waited couple weeks and no bonus status was credited. They checked and said they would credit them to me as a gesture of good will, but it was not shown in the system and told me I should always check for the confirmation email.

As for your other questions, you should probably check the fine print in your email as these targeted promotion is always different.

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