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I'm travelling Virgin Australia from Melbourne to Perth with a stop in Adelaide. My first sector (Melbourne> Adelaide) is in economy but my second sector (Adelaide> Perth) is in business. Would Virgin grant me lounge access in Melbourne or only in Adelaide before my flight in business?


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Hi bbtlife, we've edited your post to replace the many acronyms used with real words. Acronyms may be popular on certain frequent flyer websites (and with travel agents), but as a mainstream premium travel publication, we don't use them here, and equally, don't expect readers to understand them. Using real words helps everybody understand what's being said, and particularly when seeking the answer to a question, increases your chances of getting a response. :)

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If you don't have a Business Class ticket from Melbourne to Adelaide then VA would likely not allow you access to the Business Class lounge in Melbourne on an economy ticket. Only other way is by tier status in Velocity or paying an entrance fee

( I think that's possible or it used to be ). You will have access to the lounge in Adelaide with your Business Class ticket to Perth.

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