Missed BA flight, other flights on the ticket cancelled

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Was to-fly -to Melbourne on 21JULY19 from

Manchester VIA Heathrow AND Singapore.

Arriving-late to-board my Heathrow-Flight, the Check-In-Staff was KIND ENOUGH to discuss my dilemma with her supervisor. Only option being to-find my-way to-Heathrow.

TAKING THE BRISTISH-AIRWAYS-ADVICE, in the heat of summer, somehow managed

to-get-to Heathrow in good-time where ONLY Singapore-Melbourne Boarding-Pass was issued.

IN TOTAL DISBELIF was told by British-Airways-Ticketing-Staff, because

Manchester-Heathrow flight was missed, my Heathrow-Singapore was cancelled and subsequently my-seat was SOLD to another passenger and-that MANCHESTER-GROUND-STAFF BEING-ONLY-CONTRACTORS advised me wrongly.


Numerous approaches to BA Customer's-Relations as-well-as The-CEO Mr-Alex-Cruz were in total vain!


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This wouldn't have occured had you arrived on time for the first flight in your connecting journey. Frustrating, of course, that the staff in Manchester didn't void that first flight for you so that Heathrow would be expecting you, but ultimately, you missed the flight that began your journey.


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Unfortunately that is how BA and many other airlines ticketing works. I suppose it is too stop someone buying a ticket from a cheaper location with a connection in London and intentionally skipping the first leg.

It does have an unfortunate consequence for anyone whose plans change that mean they can't make the first leg they lose the rest of the ticket.

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