Travel Insurance and Coronavirus

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Hi all. I'd love to treat my wife to business class flights for our 30th wedding anniversary. We're heading to Europe and I've found that China Airlines have business class fares out of Sydney that are substantially below everyone else. My concern is with the transit in Taipei and the potential for this to be impacted by Coronavirus restrictions.

I see that so far that Philippines has included Taiwan in the list of countries that are banned from entering but I can't see anything to suggest European countries have the same restriction. Assuming I book now and arrange travel insurance, does anyone know if I'd be covered if the European country brought in restrictions after I booked?

Travel would be from mid July to mid August.



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I would suggest you put that question, in writing, to your travel insurer of choice. I would expect different insurers to have different coverage and terms when it comes to this. I certainly wouldn't take what people say on a forum as fact around insurance policies/coverage.


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Agree with the comment by Grannular. My insurer Chubb has advised that my travel next week via HKG is generally covered but not for cancelled flight. They would only honour cancellation if DFAT changes their advice of HKG as “Do not travel”. So, call your insurer.


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This is a pointless question to ask on here because:

  • No one knows your specific policy and its specific Ts&Cs;
  • Even if some people did know the Ts&Cs, I wouldn't take what they say with more than a grain of salt;
  • Only your travel insurance provider can answer your question.


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Taiwain currently has no travel warnings from Australia, however this coronavirus situation was declared by WHO late January, so it's now a known event, meaning most travel insurers probably wouldn't cover any costs associated with your cancellations, however some airlines have provided refunds or fee-free schedule changes, but not for as far forward as your trip, though if an airline cancels a flight they usually will re-accommodate pax.


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Slightly off topic but if you are breaking your journey TPE is an excellent Airport . Im not sure with Covid -19 in play whether you can still register for their frequent visitor scheme.I registered on my first visit , it only takes 5 minutes There is a very good train service from the Airport I utilize the Klook App whenever i travel , it saves a lot of money after time I got a pre ordered Sim card at the airport I usually stay at the Taipei Garden Hotel , its a three minute walk to the nearest Train station

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