• So in the UK and EU, the compensation is only for operational delays (flights cancelled due to scheduling, not enough staff etc). So bad weather would not qualify for a payment (which makes sense: the airline can't control the weather). 

  • Sadly some Australians would be horrified at the thought of a dog being in the cabin. They’d freak out at the thought of it barking or defecating or biting. Meanwhile, pretty much everywhere else e.g., USA, UK, Europe welcomes dogs into normal human life in hotels, cafes, pubs, planes, buse...

  • Me too -- I'll fly immediately.I also did a completely unscientific survey of my Facebook friends - about 15 replied. All but two of them said they would be "just as comfortable" flying once flights resume. About half said they might fly a little less, but the other half said they would fly just ...

  • I suspect part of this is to help rally the troops to pressure the government to provide financial support to Virgin Australia (VA). The more Gold and Platinum VA members out there, the more vocal the public will be, and the more support and pressure there will be on the government. A smart strat...

  • Ok -- then I'm not sure we're talking about the same Paddington station then. The main (only) huge big entrance to the station has no steps -- only a short lane (about 100m) on a slight incline leading up to Praed Street.

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  • I'm on the 5:45pm Qantas flight to Auckland. One checked bag. Platinum status.Is it possible to check-in in the morning so I can spend the day in the First Lounge?

  • Qantas Heathrow check-in times

    Jul 18, 2022, 11:59 PM

    Thanks appreciate the heads up. I might get to the airport extra early when the Perth flight check-in is still open in that case.

  • Qantas Heathrow check-in times

    Jul 18, 2022, 12:23 AM

    Two questions:QUESTION 1:For Heathrow check-in, the Qantas website says:“Check-in opens 4 hours before the first Qantas international flight and closes 45 minutes before departure.”There’s two flights each day: departing at 11:55am (to Perth) and at 9:05pm QF2 to Sydney (via Sin...

  • Qantas phone service (or lack of)

    Apr 03, 2022, 11:40 AM

    5 year+ platinum. Have called three times last week, and each call on hold over 1.5 hours. Finally got through, but cut off mid way. Now when I call I get the “piss off” message (i.e., only stay on hold if you’re travelling in the next 24 hours).

  • The problem is that a business class flight from London to Sydney in the coming months is around $10,000.So many Australians overseas who need to return home. To look after sick or dying relatives. Australians who have lost their jobs overseas. Australian volunteers in war torn countries. The onl...

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